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Frank Gehry's Masterclass

#1 Online Architecture Course


#1 for Preventing Errors in Resumes, CV's and Cover Letters

The ARE 5 Review Manual

#1 for Passing the ARE's
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Success Stories


By helping craft my application materials, Brandon was able to take my experience and create a personal brand that resonated with potential employers. The result was landing exactly the position I was looking for along with my desired responsibilities and project types — not to mention almost double the salary!

His help and guidance were invaluable and I could not have done it without him! I was extremely pleased with how things turned out and would recommend Brandon's services to anyone looking for a job in architecture.

—Steve C., Madison


Brandon was extremely thorough and helpful throughout the whole application process and I really appreciated it! I've just accepted a job in NYC and I'm looking forward to what it brings.

—Jon M., New York

"The Architect's Guide resources have been a tremendous help to me while job hunting over the past few months. I think it's an understatement to say the content definitely helped me find an awesome job two months ago."

Anitha D., New York

"As an international student I was searching for an architecture firm that could provide a good working environment to start my career as a junior designer. Brandon's advice has been really helpful and encouraging. I am happy to say I accepted a fantastic job offer this week. Time to pack!"

—Annie Y., Chicago


"I used Brandon's information to help secure a job in the first week of my job search right out of school at the only firm I really wanted to work for in NYC. I appreciate his work and how helpful he has been to me personally."

Sanger C., New York

"I have gained immensely from reading Brandon's material and applying his concepts and ideas. I believe that The Architect's Guide is undeniably a game changer and for young grads like us it is the go-to reference for all the challenges that the industry is facing."

—Shubhamkar M., Mumbai


"Brandon's resources have been so helpful. Thanks to his support, I now have several interviews (including SOM) scheduled. His work is so important for all architects looking for work and his advice is always spot on — from writing resumes to salary negotiations."

—Jacob P.