10 Outstanding Architecture Portfolio Example Covers

  Architecture Portfolio

Architecture Portfolio

The cover is perhaps the most important page of the architecture portfolio, it needs to quickly grab the reader's attention. As you will see this can be done in a variety of ways. 

For this post I thought I would share a selection of effective architecture portfolio example covers.

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Note: Personal contact information has been removed from these examples but it should always be included your portfolio.

10 Outstanding Architecture Portfolio Example Covers

A common theme I have noticed with these successful architecture portfolio cover examples is the images give you just a glimpse of a form or project.

These snapshots create interest for the reader and you find yourself asking, "what is that?"

This can also be interpreted as "I want to learn more about this", which is exactly the reaction you want from a portfolio reviewer. 

1. Ali Karimi Architecture Portfolio

Harvard Graduate School of Design | M.Arch

Ali's use of a minimal cover with a single offset image is very intriguing to the reader. The scale and monochrome colors are very unique. 

2. Derek Pirozzi Architecture Portfolio

University of South Florida | M.Arch

Derek uses a very complex full bleed image for his portfolio cover. The only way the reviewer can learn more about this beautiful form is by reviewing his work. 

3. Benoit Maranda Architecture Portfolio

Carleton University - Ottawa | B.Arch

Benoit used a traditional building section for the cover, however it is enhanced through the use of a very provocative sky. 

4. Greg Whitney Architecture Portfolio

University of Pennsylvania | M.Arch

Greg uses a very intricate two-dimensional drawing that almost creates a texture on the cover. 

5. Jonathan Sun Architecture Portfolio

Yale School of Architecture | M.Arch

By far the most minimal of all of the portfolio example covers, Jonathan only uses a simple centered texture with his name. Less is more. 

6. Lila Jiang Architecture Portfolio

Yale School of Architecture | M.Arch

Lila created a stunning diagrid pattern infilled with project snapshots and used a bright color scheme that really stands out. 

7. Tyler Mohr Architecture Portfolio

Harvard Graduate School of Design | M. Landscape Architecture

Rather than emphasizing his architecture projects, Tyler used his name to create the cover image. This is a powerful technique of anchoring your name in the reviewers mind. 

8. Paul Clemens Bart Architecture Portfolio

AADRL Design Research Lab | M.Arch

Paul used a very interesting image from his project to compile this black and white cover. After seeing this I would certainly want to learn more about his work. 

9. Philip Goolkasian Architecture Portfolio

University of California - Berkeley | M.Arch

Philip used a single rendered elevation with a faded overly. This gives a glimpse into the projects within while making his name pop on the page. 

10. Szu-An Yao Architecture Portfolio

University of Pennsylvania | M.Arch

Szu-An used a single full bleed image of her project that creates a very nice background texture that frames her centered name and information. 

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I hope these architecture portfolio example covers will be helpful when preparing your next job application.

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Good luck!

Brandon Hubbard, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP BD+C

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