The 25 Best Architect Lamps

Architect Lamp  Disclaimer: There are affiliate links in this post. This means that at no cost to you, I will receive a small commission if you purchase through my link. I will only ever promote the products and services that I trust and 100% recommend. You may read my full  disclosure policy  for more information. Thanks for supporting my business in this way.

Architect Lamp

Disclaimer: There are affiliate links in this post. This means that at no cost to you, I will receive a small commission if you purchase through my link. I will only ever promote the products and services that I trust and 100% recommend. You may read my full disclosure policy for more information. Thanks for supporting my business in this way.

For this post, I have put together an extensive list of the best architect lamps currently available. 

UPDATED: June 7, 2019.

The world of architecture has changed dramatically over the past few decades. Drafting boards and drafting tables have been replaced with multiple computer monitors and drawing tablets.

However, while times have changed in terms of how architects draw, the simple lamp, drafting pencil and architect’s scale will always be essential. We architects still need to review printed drawings and these lamps shine a light on the potential problems with a project.

Also, these lamps aren't just for work. The timeless design and versatility is just as useful at home as it is in the office. 

So here is my list of The 25 Best Architect Lamps.


1. BYB E430 Swing Arm LED Architect Lamp

Exclusive Eye-protection Technology:

Innovative LGP (light guide panel) side-emitting technique prevents light flicker and harmful glare. Ideal for an architect or designer's professional workstation.

Energy-Saving and Eco-friendly Lighting:

High-efficiency 144 LEDs use 80% less energy than conventional bulbs and last for 50,000 hours. 

Highly Adjustable Clamp Lamp:

Memory function for 4 lighting modes and 6 dimming levels to suit your moods. A rotating base, double-hinged arm and swiveling LED panel ensure you can shine a light on anything.

High-end and Solid Design:

Made from premium aircraft-grade aluminum-alloy with sleek brushed finish

You can also purchase the accompanying weighted table base if you would rather not use the clamp:

This lamp is also available in black (BYB E476):

2. TaoTronics LED Ultrathin Architect Lamp

The days of using bulky incandescent lamps are a thing of the past. With the TaoTronics TT-DL17 LED Desk Lamp you’ll have an instant upgrade to the world of modern LED lighting. 

In this day and age, it’s becoming more important to look after the environment. As an eco-friendly LED light, it consumes 75% less power than traditional incandescent lights so you can reduce your carbon footprint while also reducing your electricity bill. 

Modern Design
The LED light isn’t the only thing modern about this lamp; the entire design is a contemporary alternative for the home or office. Made from high-quality aluminum alloy, it is made to last while looking great! The design also houses a USB port to convenient charge your smartphone – letting you free up valuable wall space. 

Light Your Surroundings
As well as providing stable, uniform lighting the lamp also features three different lighting modes with three levels of brightness. Whether you’re after a warm light for relaxing, or something with a little more ‘oomph’ when reading, the lamp can cast the right light for you.

3. TaoTronics LED Architect Lamp

High Quality Construction

Durable full metal body and multi-angle adjustable head and arm

Color and Brightness Options

5 color modes and 6 brightness levels up to 1200 lux 

Easy On Your Eyes

Light guide panel transmits light sideways for glare-free illumination

Multiple Functions

Memory function, 60-minute timer, night light, and a 5V/2A iSmart USB port

One-Touch Personalization

Press a single button to set and activate your favorite color / brightness setting

4. BenQ LED Architect Lamp


With BenQ’s lighting technology, our LED panels will give you 50,000 hours of lifespan. That’s 8 hours a day, for 17 years!


The BenQ e-Reading Lamp can easily be switched from warm tones for casual reading, to the cooler tones for concentration and work. With the twist of a knob, you can choose the right lighting suitable for concentration and productivity or for relaxation.


The BenQ e-Reading Lamp provides constant and flicker-free illumination and no more unstable lighting to harm your eyes.


The BenQ e-Reading lamp has a built-in ambient sensor. With a longer touch of the control ring, the sensor automatically detects the light levels of the room and adjusts its brightness accordingly.

Don’t know what is the best lighting for your screen reading? The e-Reading mode will do the job for you.


The BenQ e-Reading Lamp has a ball-joint that optimizes the flexibility of the lamp cap, plus highly durable torque springs and precision friction control to counter-balance the weight. You can adjust the light to the exact angles you need.

150% WIDER:

BenQ’s Smile Curve Technology delivers a 150% wider lighting coverage, creating an expansive illuminated area that clocks in at a 35-inch light range and an illuminance of 1800 lux. Say goodbye to eye-strain and screen glare, and enjoy a comfortable, stable and evenly-distributed illumination with the BenQ e-Reading lamp.

5. Joly Joy LED Architect Lamp

Full metal LED lamp:

Durable Aluminium body with zinc details on the pivot of body and head. 

Enhanced Lighting Control: 

With sensitive Touch Sensor Switch, it offers 5 Brightness Settings & 5 Color Temperatures up to 960 Lumens. Memory Function means it retains your favorite or the last light mode setting.

Save your vision and keep eyes healthy: Light guide panel transmits light sideways for glare free to reduce eyes strain and discomfort.

Multi-angle adjustable:

Adjust the head and arm tilt up to 200°and 90°, respectively. Focus the light in nearly any conceivable angle.

6. Black Swing Arm Architect Lamp


ALL METAL swing arm lamp that comes with a sturdy metal clamp - never again struggle with that cheap plastic clamp!


Place light right where you need it with the Flexible Arm that extends Up to 32 inches


The lamp's high gloss finish is easy to wipe clean, and the steel springs are made to last


Easily mount using included metal clamp to any surface of 2 1/2 inches or less

7. OTUS LED Architect Desk Lamp with Motion Sensor


The lamphead of this architect lamp is equipped with INFRARED SENSOR SWITCH what makes it extremely convenient to use


The Desk Lamp has Color temperature modes and smooth dimming brightness levels with an intelligent memory to keep your personal settings


Durable full Metal body with multi-angle adjustable arm and head. Silver brushed finish gives a very luxurious looking. Perfect for large desk spaces (Desk clamp available).


Non-flickering, natural light. This Eye caring led table lamp Protects your eyes from dry or fatigue by selecting a comfortable working, studying or reading modes.

8. OTUS LED Architect Lamp


Equipped with an infrared motion sensor, so the desk light switches on and off with a simple wave of your hand over the lamp head. 


Designed with three color temperature modes, or mood settings, as well as dual brightness modes and 12 dimming levels for stepless dimming. 


The lamp has a memory function that lets you automatically recall your favorite lighting modes so you can keep your favorites readily available.

Suitable for tight spaces, large desktops and everything in between. Over 1200 lux and 10 watts of power, all backed by 360-degree rotation head and an adjustable arm, so you can always get the perfect angle and lighting support. Desk clamp available.

9. Konesky Swing Arm Architect Lamp

Revolutionary Design:

Built with aircraft-grade aluminum-alloy. Portable Clamp can easily be fixed to any desk top.

Incredibly Adjustable:

It owns 220° swivel head and 180° adjustable long arm, infinitely rotatable body. Strong clamp supports up to 2.16 inches tabletop. It also offers 3-Level Dimmer to make sure you're able to get the perfect lighting need and angle.

Professional Eye Protection

Adopting diffusion translucent material, close to daylight illumination, emitting soft light without ghost, glare or flicker.

3-level Brightness Dimmable

Low light (17LM/4W), middle light (170LM/6W),high light(340LM/8W).Satisfy your different lighting needs.

10. QUATTRO™ LED Architect Lamp

The Quattro is precisely poised perfection of mechanical innovation, pure geometry, and revolutionary Flat Panel technology. It is the perfect modern minimalist metal architect lamp.

— Includes One 6-Watt LED Flat Panel
— Base Dimensions: 5.75" Sq. 
— 3-Step Optical Dimmer
— Shade Dimensions: 0.5"H x 3.5"W x 3.5"D
— UL Rating: Dry
— Height Adj 5.5"–36"; Width Adj 15"–32" 
— Lumens: 900

11. YOUKOYI A509 LED Swing Arm Architect Desk Lamp

Professional Swing Arm Lamp:

Multi-angle adjustable head, rotating swing arm and swiveling LED panel, you can adjust the angle to suit different positions freely.

Multiple Color Temperatures and Brightness:

Memory function for 2 color temperatures (warm and white) range from 3000K-6000K and 8-level brightness, up to 700 lumens.Satisfy your different lighting needs.

High Quality Material, corrosion resistance.

Modern appearance and design, high CRI and give constant caring to your eyes.

Touch Control:

Touch sensitive switch, easy and convenient to operate. Adjust the brightness and color temperature through 5 touch keys to find your favorite lighting mode.

The Clamp Base Design:

Strong metal clamp coverd with flannelette can avoid scratches effectively, supports up to 2.36 inches desk. Ideal for architects, drafting, woking, art, workshop, etc.

12. Globe Electric 32" Swing Arm Architect Lamp


Spring loaded arm is easily adjustable to direct the light wherever you need it the most


Metal clamp means you can mount this lamp anywhere you need light (up to 2" wide)


6 foot cord gives you the length you need to reach any space

13. Newhouse Architect LED Desk Lamp, Black

The highest quality energy saving LEDS provide efficient non-flickering natural light for stress free productivity and enjoyment.

Energy-Efficient LED lighting. Replace old CFL or Halogen desk lamps and start saving. Great adjustable arm and rotating base.

The architectural style brings a vintage look. 

The LED has a 35,000 hour run time (almost 32 years with 3/hr day usage!). Provides a warm and soft 3000K color temperature brightness.

14. ToJane Swing Arm Architect Desk lamp


Three joints (at the base, arm connection and the lamp head), metal twin arms with 4 springs, C-Clamp thickness 2.16 inches. Assures you easily adjust the light direction in any position that you need.


The swing arm can extend up to a height of 2.5 feet and 340 degrees

15. Danray Snake-Arm Architect Lamp with Magnetic Base

Snake arm allows almost unlimited adjustment and long-term holding power

Double-wall lampshade stays cool to the touch

Uses a 100-watt-max ordinary lightbulb for easy and inexpensive replacement

16. Sunllipe Architect Swing Arm Desk Lamp with Touch Control Dimmable LED

Modern Design

Solid metal construction with black finish. This LED Desk lamp features smooth lock tight adjustable arm and pivoting head, position the head and lock it in place. 

Touch Sensitive Switch

Energy-saving 7-watt led modern desk lamp provides 100%-0% dimming capabilities controlled by a touch sensitive button. 

More Safety

UL listed products provide you and your family with the confidence of safety. Built-in 7W 3000 Kelvin LED lights.

Energy Saving & Versatile

This desk lamp is of modern sleek style, and its lightweight design makes it easily portable from room to room.

17. Metal Architect Swing Arm Desk Lamp


Stylish, Smart and Practical Design, Using Aluminum alloy  material, with stainless steel components. The double-hinged arm and swiveling LED panel ensure you can shine a light on anything.


Extendable and adjustable long arm provide you infinite flexibility also allow light coverage on a large table. 

18. LEDU 3-Way Clamp Mount Architect Swing Arm Lamp

19. YOUKOYI Swing Arm Architect Lamp

The lamp head can be adjusted 180° up and down, and 350°right and left. 13.7+13.7" extendable long arm to folded to 15.7". 3-levels of brightness.

Comes with a USB charging cable, can be powered by computer and power bank, can be used outdoors.

20. OxyLED T4S Architect Swing Arm Desk Lamp

Eye-Protection Technology

The 4000K warm white color is more suitable for longtime reading. Patented LED chip gives off a steady, glare free, no-flickering, soft and more natural light source that is friendly for your eyes

Easy On/Off and Brightness Adjustment 

One-button operation. A quick tap will turn it on and a slower tap will adjust the brightness. It also remembers the brightness setting from the last time you used it.

Adjustable Arm For Excellent Light Coverage

Adjustable in multiple directions at the base (up/down, swivel), elbow (up/down), and neck (up/down, swivel). Easy to position the light exactly where it's needed.

Extremely Stable

It’s sturdy at the joints and the clamp clips securely to your table/desk. Also, the clamp design takes up very little space and save your desktop space.

Energy-Saving and Eco-friendly Lighting

Ultra-low voltage input and lighting temperature for absolute safety. Maintains over 50,000 hours of full lumen output while delivering phenomenal power-saving performance.

21. Daylight U32500 Triple Bright Architect Lamp

High-power desk lamp with 3x 14W Daylight™ tubes (250W equivalent)

Perfect for lighting up large wide work areas and tables

Shade can be adjusted certically, horizontally, and laterally

Flicker-free light allows you to work and read for longer in optimal comfort

22. Daylight U32100-01 Architect Lamp

Multifunctional art and hobby lamp, uses two different types of lights: 28w circular daylight tube or round incandescent bulb (not included)

High-power desk lamp with 3 by 14-watt daylight tubes (250w equivalent)

Perfect for lighting up large wide work areas and tables

Flicker-free electronic ballast

23. TaoTronics LED Architect Desk Lamp

TaoTronics TT-DL13 Overview 
Lamp head and body is made of premium alloy casing with anodized aluminum that gives better heat dissipation and a longer life. Modern design that will naturally fit your desk / room / furniture; rotatable arm and lamp head, made from durable plastic and aluminum alloy

Choose Your Mood 
Touch control with 5 color modes (temperature) to choose from, dimmable with 11 level of brightness to suit your activities

Any Angle 
No matter the angle you're after, the adjustable head can rotate 90 degrees left and right or 135 degrees up and down so you can shine a light on anything. 

Not Just A Light 
It's handy to have a charger in unexpected places. Plug in your eReader, tablet, or smartphone into the built-in USB port. 

Eye Caring 
Design to be soft, stable and non-flickering, the lighting is friendly on your eyes so you can enjoy what you’re doing for longer. 

Touch Controls 
Slide your fingers along the touch pad to set the brightness level and the lighting mode of your choice. It’s convenient and easier than flicking a light switch.

24. Boston Harbor Architect Lamp

25. Phive CL-1 LED Architect Lamp

Contemporary Design 
High grade aluminum alloy arm, strong metal clamp, provides perfect lighting as well as saves desk space. 

Eye-Care Technology 
Diffusion panel, emitting soft light without ghost, glare or flicker. 
The Ra85 high CRI LED, provides lighting close to daylight. 
Higher lighting height, covering larger area. 

Stepless Dimming
Simply touch the icon to adjust brightness as you will. 

Only uses 20% of the energy as a incandescent lamp does at the same brightness. 

LED bulbs ensures 50,000 hour lifespan

Incredibly Adjustable
180° swivel lamp head, 16.3 + 16.3 inch adjustable metal arm, rotatable body.

I hope this list of the best architect lamps has been helpful. If I left one out that you think is important, let me know in the comments below.

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Brandon Hubbard, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP BD+C