Top Architecture Blogs of 2015

What would a blog be without a post about, well, other blogs. So I thought I would share my favorite architecture blogs as of 2015, in no particular order. If I left your favorite out please let me know in the comments below.

I am excluding architecture news sites as those will be included in a future post of my favorite architecture websites. Enjoy!

Life Of An Architect

Obviously no architecture blog list would be complete without Life Of An Architect. Bob Borson is a Texas-based architect that writes Life Of An Architect. As he says, "I try and keep things light and share a thing or two about what I think I know ... sometimes I get it wrong but it isn't for a lack of trying."

Bob's posts are always fun and informative. He writes about topics from why you should become an architect to why you shouldn't and everything in between. 


"Helping architects and designers work smarter, not harder."

ArchSmarter was created by Michael Kilkelly in 2014. Michael writes on the topics of productivity, software customization and product reviews.

Each post provides a wealth of information on how to save time and be more productive.


As the name indicates, Archipreneur is an online magazine that explores the intersection between architecture and entrepreneurship.

The articles and interviews cover a broad range of topics from starting your own architecture office to setting up a website and blog.

Entrepreneur Architect

Mark R. LePage launched the Entrepreneur Architect blog in 2007 as a personal project to document ideas for business success. In 2012, Mark relaunched Entrepreneur Architect at

Mark's articles cover topics on the importance of business success in the profession of architecture. 


The National Council of Architectural Registration Board's blog is an excellent source for architects at any stage of their career.

If you are enrolled in the Intern Development Program or plan on taking the Architect Registration Examinations (ARE's) the topics will be especially relevant. 


The Seattle-based architect Jared Banks regularly posts about the latest BIM software, along with helpful tips for emerging professionals.

Jared's articles are informative and concise. Not to mention he is a fellow Office Space fan.

Stuck In Studio

Stuck in Studio was created to connect architecture students, a way to find a job after graduation and a way to take a break from that project. The blog provides articles that are specific to students including what architecture programs are up to.

Their resource page provides articles pertinent to students (competitions and tools) as well as other sites that can help them find what they need.


Thanks for reading. If I left your favorite out let me know in the comments below.

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