Top Architecture Blogs of 2017

One of my most popular articles is the Top Architecture Blogs of 2015, so even though I missed 2016 (I only had a year right?) I plan on making this an annual list.

The Top Architecture Blogs of 2017

So here are my top architecture blogs of 2017. If I left your favorite out please let me know in the comments below.

As I did on my previous architecture blog list, I am excluding architecture news sites as I am strictly listing blogs. 


Life Of An Architect

For the second, um, list in a row I have included Bob Borson's ubiquitous blog. Bob is a Texas-based architect who writes Life Of An Architect. He covers topics from why you should become an architect to why you shouldn't and everything in between. He also recently started a series on architectural graphics which is definitely worth checking out. 


Young Architect

Michael Riscica's blog, Young Architect, covers a variety of architecture topics with a focus on passing the ARE's. He is a Portland, OR based architect that started his blog to provide a place to share information about developments in the profession and to educate others on design, construction, architecture and the process. 

Visualizing Architecture

Alex Hogrefe created Visualizing Architecture in the summer of 2009 while a student at Miami University of Ohio. Alex's visualization tutorials are among the best in the world, I have used many of his techniques myself to improve my photography and renderings.

As Alex describes it:

I’m constantly experimenting with all things visual. I still post my photography and drawings as these mediums play a large part in my understanding of proportion, layout, composition, lighting, and many other factors that directly relate to architectural illustrations. At the end of the day though, it all comes back to architecture and architecture illustrations. 

Study Architecture

Study Architecture is a must-read resource that includes a wealth of information on undergraduate and graduate architecture degree programs. Also, I am kind of jealous of their amazing site design.  


A fellow ArchDaily content partner, Michael Kilkelly's created ArchSmarter in 2014. Michael writes on the topics of productivity, software customization and product reviews. His purpose is "Helping architects and designers work smarter, not harder."

Each post provides a wealth of information on how to save time and be more productive.

Architect Exam Prep

I first discovered David Doucette, the founder Architect Exam Prep and when I was preparing for the California Supplemental Exam (CSE) — which helped me pass on the first try. He also hosts a podcast dedicated to preparing for the California Supplemental Exam as well as CSE Video Tips at

Entrepreneur Architect

Mark R. LePage launched the Entrepreneur Architect blog in 2007 as a personal project to document ideas for business success. In 2012, Mark relaunched Entrepreneur Architect at

Mark's articles cover topics on the importance of business success in the profession of architecture. 

Black Spectacles

Marc Teer, Architect, Founder & CEO launched Black Spectacles in 2010 to democratize learning. To connect world-class architects with eager-to-learn students. 

Resources include software courses and products to help students pass the ARE's. They use simple, easy-to-digest and in-depth video tutorials taught by architects and designers.

Archispeak Podcast

The Archispeak Podcast, while not a blog per se, is a great resource covering a variety of topics. Each episode, Evan Troxel, Neal Pann, and Cormac Phalen have a casual conversation about all things architecture, and invite you to listen in as they talk about everything in the profession, both the good and the bad. 



The Seattle-based architect Jared Banks regularly posts about the latest BIM software, along with helpful tips for emerging professionals.

Jared's articles are informative and concise. Not to mention he is a fellow Office Space fan.


The National Council of Architectural Registration Board's blog is an excellent source for architects at any stage of their career.

If you are enrolled in the Intern Development Program or plan on taking the Architect Registration Examinations (ARE's) the topics will be especially relevant. 


Reddit Architecture

While not technically a "blog" the architecture subreddit is a great place to see the latest news and content in the industry. In fact, some of the coolest imagery and architecture news is born here, then later picked up by the big sites. I am a frequent lurker in the sub and also an occasional poster and commenter. 

I hope this list of the top architecture blogs for 2017 has been helpful. See you next year!

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